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Surround SFX News page

Surround SFX News: what's been happening here ?

Surround SFX News page

May 23rd, 2011 : SSFX TRANSISTOR RHYTHM updated to v1.01
We've updated TRANSISTOR RHYTHM to v1.01, which now inlcudes 50 Battery Kits and 28 EXS-24 sample banks, opening up TRANSISTOR RHYTHM to a much larger audience. The Battery Kits can be imported into Kontakt 4 and the EXS-24 banks into Structure.

April 13th, 2011 : SSFX TRANSISTOR RHYTHM and NI TRANSISTOR PUNCH Sound Libraries for NI Maschine released. We're very proud to announce the immediate availability of two brand new products that we've developed for the NI Maschine platform: TRANSISTOR RHYTHM on our own label, and TRANSISTOR PUNCH with Native Instruments.

is a premium library containing 800 Drum- and FX-Samples in 24bit/96kHz resolution, organised in 50 Maschine Groups aka Kits that contain 200 rhythm patterns suitable for a broad range of modern styles. Every sample has been carefully crafted using the very highest-end gear available. For more detail on the content and the gear used, please have a look at the Transistor Rhythm page or at the manual. You can also download 3 Groups with 12 patterns taken from this library for free to demo the quality of Transistor Rhythm. It is available now from our store at a price of €59 including VAT, if applicable. And as a bonus, we're offering a special X-grade Discount to TRANSISTOR PUNCH users.


comes with 30 Groups and 120 Patterns geared specifically towards European club styles, 50 of which have been programmed by our long-time partner Martin Buttrich, well known for his killer club production work for artist such as Loco Dice, Timo Maas and, of course, himself. Transistor Punch also adds 20 multi-sampled Synth-sounds, 120 One-shots and 20 sequenced multi-effects but comes in 24bit/44.1kHz. It is available now from Native Instruments for €49 including VAT, if applicable.




May 19th, 2010 : DEEP FREQ Powered by Kore SoundPack released. After four months of patching, programming and fine-tuning, our newest effects package for use with the free KORE Player has finally been released: DEEP FREQ. Picking up where DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS left off, this pack of 150 new signal processing structures lets you manipulate your audio in terms of FREQuency. Pitch-shifters, grain-shifters, frequency-shifters, feedback-loops, resonators, envelope filters and more, in mindboggingly complex combinations...Check it out at our DEEP FREQ product page or at the NI site.

September 17th, 2009 : NI The Finger Kore SoundPack released. Ni have released a SoundPack by Tim Exile, The Finger, for which we've programmed some of the factory presets and sound demos. More info at the NI product page.

May 28th, 2009 : DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS Kore SoundPack released. We're proud to announce the immediate availability of the first KORE Sound Pack entirely created by Surround SFX. DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS is a pack of 150 KORE effects patches for use with KORE 2 or KORE PLAYER and features four custom Reaktor ensembles as well. It's been a lot of work, but this baby turned out to be REALLY cool, so make sure you check it out!

Aprily 24th, 2009 : NI Urban Arsenal 2 Kore SoundPack released. The ladies and gentleman at NI are huge fans of us. At least it seems that way with all the work we've been been doing together in the recent past. Well, we dig their stuff, too. Anyway, the new Urban Arsenal 2 Kore SoundPack contains some synth samples licensed from SSFX.

March 26th, 2009 : Prosoniq announce sonicWorx Pro. This is it. After Prosoniq discontinued the original sonicWorx, users of that software kept trying to convince Prosoniq to port SWX over to Mac OS X so they could all retire their OS 9 machines and use a sample editing software that actually did more than copy/patse/normalize/apply plug-in. To no avail. Untill now :-) Finally, Prosoniq have decided to bring us a new version of sonicWorx, and it is going to be one of those very few pieces of software that don't just do more of the same old stuff. Actually, amongst many other cool things, it does something outrageously new and unbelievable: it allows you extract or eliminate an individual signal from a complex mix. Yes, you've read that correctly. And it works. I've seen it and heard it. Quite simply a must-have if you ask me. And guess what? You'll be able to purchase it at SSFX once it becomes available.

February 21st, 2009 : NI Spectral Expansion Kore SoundPack released. SSFX working on NI Kore SoundPacks appears to be turning into some sort of habit. Check out the new Absynth Spectral Expansion SoundPack . We've also produced the first audio demo for that product, "Cinematic".

February 1st, 2009: What was going on in 2008. 2008 has been one of our busiest years. So buisy that updating the news page was one of the lower priorities. Duh. We've been doing various sound design, production and composing jobs, including the main theme for a cinema feature and the sound logo for the 2008 Olympic Games TV trailer of VW Beijing. Then there was a lot of work for Native Instruments keeping us on our toes... a large part of the DEEP TRANSFORMATIONS Kore SoundPack was made by us, and creating cool samples, kits and projects for MASCHINE was fun --- check out this box, it's great. Thinking about it, we were also involved in the Best of Absynth, Massive Expansion Vol I & 2 and Reaktor Spark Kore SoundPacks. Oh and if i'm not mistaken, our work for Camel Audio's Alchemy synth was also done in 2008. We've also now got Prosoniq's excellent Morph and Orange Vocoder 10AE AudioUnits plug-ins, as well as their critically acclaimed TimeFactory II Mac application, in our shop. I'm pretty sure i forgot about half of the really cool things we've been up to, but then again this isn't supposed to be an exhaustive list anyway :-)

February 18th, 2007 : "NE01: Twilight" Model-/Sound-Set released. We are proud to present the first in a series of specialized Model-/Sound-Sets for the Hartmann Neuron: "NE01: Twilight". "Twilight" comes as a DVD that contains 100 Models and 100 Sounds and focuses on the spooky side of sound-design. For more information and audio demos check the Twilight product page, download the (very comprehensive) documentation or simply purchase one from the shop straight away while our 20% introductory discount offer lasts.

February 18th, 2007 : Neuron Survival Kit re-issued. Due to popular demand we have been trying to get hold of another batch of Neuron Survival Kits for a while. Well, we've managed to get some more :-) After filling pre-orders we now have around 35 kits left, so if you want one we suggest you don't wait too long before you order one from our shop... This is likely to be the last batch to become available.

March 21st, 2006 : Neuron Survival Kit available. The Neuron Survival Kit is a bundle of spare parts for the Hartmann Neuron synthesizer. Stock is limited to 50 bundles, so you might want to hurry up and grab one from our shop before supplies run out....

January 23rd, 2006 : Prosoniq forum at Surround SFX. We are proud to announce that we will be hosting the Prosoniq forum here at Surround SFX as of February 1st, 2006, adding to our community what we believe to be one of the few companies that keep pushing the frontier in audio signal processing technology, which they have for instance demonstrated in developing the NAS engine employed in the Hartmann Neuron. You can read the full press release by Prosoniq here

January 9th, 2006 : <Nuke4All> updated to V1.1. This update adds dynamic acceleration to the <Nuke> more turning that dial ten times to reach the max. value of a parameter :-). Available as a free download from the product page.

January 5th, 2006 : Webshop online. Our Webshop has gone online, so it is now possible to purchase <Nuke4All>.

December 20th, 2005: Website launched. The Surround SFX website is online as of today: Welcome!

December 20th, 2005: ReModellizer released. OSXTools and Surround SFX have released ReModellizer for Mac OS X, a free batch conversion utility for Neuron-compatible models. It allows converting models to another parameter set without the need for creating a new model with the Modelmaker application.

December 20th, 2005: <Nuke4All> application demo available. We are proud to announce the demo of <Nuke4All> for Mac OS X, developed by OSXTools. It lets you use your Hartmann Music <NUKE> as MIDI controller. It will be available for purchase in the next couple of days when our webshop goes online.

Surround SFX News page