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Surround SFX - Sound Libraries for NI Maschine

Multi-Platform Drum-Sample Libraries


SSFX provides high-end drum sample libraries, for a variety of sampler formats including NI Maschine, NI Battery 3, Kontakt 4, Apple EXS-24 and Avid Structure.

Currently, we offer the following Drum-Sample Libraries:

  • SSFX Transistor Rhythm: Premium 24-bit, 96kH Sample-Library for Maschine, Battery and EXS-24. 50 Maschine Kits⁄Groups & 200 Patterns, 50 Battery Kits & 28 EXS-24 sample bank Instruments. And 100% Oooomphh.
  • SSFX Transistor Free Kits: A freebie taken from Transistor Rhythm, which contains 3 free Maschine Kits⁄Groups with 12 free Patterns, 3 Battery Kits and one EXS-24 sample bank. Free as in "beer".

Maschine is a registered trademark of Native Instruments GmbH.
Surround SFX - Sound Libraries for NI Maschine


Feed your Maschine, Battery 3 or EXS-24 with the coolest Drums on the planet.

800 Drums and FX, organized into 50 Maschine Kits⁄Groups containing 200 cutting-edge Patterns, 50 Battery 3 Kits and 28 EXS-24 sample-bank Instruments, created using the highest-end gear and recorded & edited at 192kHz.

Check out the audio demos, grab the 3 Transistor Free Kits or go and buy it now. There’s a 20% Discount for users of our NI Transistor Punch Maschine Expansion.
max volumeWelcome to Transistor Rhythm, a premium, 24bit/96kHz Sample-Library for the Maschine, Battery 3 and EXS-24 platforms, created with achieving the highest possible quality in mind, both in terms of audio quality and in terms of real-world usability and cross-genre coolness. Maximum oooomph, megatons of groove, zero crap….you get the idea. I If you haven’t already, grab the three Transistor Free Kits taken from the Library to judge for yourself how close it comes to that goal.

Transistor Rhythm
comes with 800 Drums & SFX. For Maschine, these are organized as 50 Kits with 4 patterns each for a total of 200 unique rhythms. For Battery 3, we've created 50 Kits using the same samples as their Maschine counterparts, but adapted to the different synthesis options found in Battery 3. For the EXS-24, the samples come in banks according to the sample type, so you'll find, for example, a bank of Analog Claps, a bank of Vinyl Snares etc. users of Kontakt 4+ and Avid Structure can import the Battery Kits or EXS-24 sample banks, respectively.

We invested more than 6 months, working 16+ hours a day, 7 days a week into making Transistor Rhythm, and we believe it shows in the results. The list of gear used is like a gear-fanaticʼs version of those magazines that teenagers usually hide under their bed. All recording and procesing was done at 192kHz sampling rate, and sampled down to 24/96 for the final product in a mastering studio with individual SRC and Dither parameters per sample. We used both vintage and modern gear by Elysia, RockRuepel, Neve, Siemens/Telefunken, Manley, Universal Audio, UREI, United Minorities, Avalon, Moog, Oberheim, Doepfer, Pearl, Roland, EMU, AKAI, Symbolic Sound, Hartmann, Korg, WMD, JoMoX, Cylonix, Cwejman, Millennia and many others. For detailed information on the gear and techniques used, as well as for functional details like sample mapping and categorization, please refer to the Transistor Rhythm manual.

BRING ON THE DEMOS, WILL YOU. While fancy talk is great, what's better is to actually hear Transistor Rhythm. We've done four audio demos, two with straight grooves and two with, well, NON-straight grooves. The demos were made by recording a bunch of Maschine patterns from Transistor Rhythm and splicing those together. All sounds and rhythms you hear are included (though the patterns are only available from within Maschine). Enjoy the music... and please note that any artifacts audible in the demos are due to the MP3 codec.


Didn't You Mention Free Kits? Yes, we did. We've taken three of the 50 Maschine Groups and their 12 Patterns, three Battery 3 Kits and one EXS-24 sample-bank and bundled them into the FREE Transistor Free Kits package. Perfect for evaluating the sound quality of Transistor Rhythm, and also perfect as, well, FREE stuff. Just register an account in our shop, add Transistor Free Kits to your cart & check out. You will see "FREE" as the only payment option. Upon completing your order, you will be able to download the ZIP file from within your order history in your store account. Should you later decide to purchase Transistor Rhythm, the Freebie will be overwritten, so make sure that you save any edited Groups/Kits/Instruments to a new location before upgrading!
20% X-Grade Discount. We offer a 20% X-grade Discount for owners of the NI Transistor Punch Maschine Expansion, which we've also made and which plays together NICELY with Transistor Rhythm. Actually, they're brethren, there is an overlap between their sample sets, of about 200 drum samples. They're in completely different Kits and come with completely different patterns, and Transistor Rhythm is 24/96 instead of the 24/44.1 that Transistor Punch features....But we still figured that it would be nice to offer a discount. So, here it is. To get Transistor Rhythm at the discount pricing, register an account in our store and send us an email containing your user name and the receipt you got from Native Instruments (or us) for Transistor Punch. We'll then generate a personal Coupon for you that you can enter during the checkout process when buying Transistor Rhythm.
TRANSISTOR RHYTHM is available now for €59,- including VAT from our store.